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Less Thinking, More Everything Else

Spring is in full swing.

To me, it’s a time of few words and lots of action. So, that’s why I’ll keep this short and to the point. That’s how I feel in these past few weeks: it’s time to be direct! 

As people, we can be very introspective and searching which is wonderful, but I think there comes a time to stop. A time where you’re aware of you who are, your vulnerabilities and strengths, what makes you happy, and what doesn’t. A time where you have a general idea of the life you want. A time where it’s not about thinking, it’s about doing. 

A time to just stop.

Stop the analysis. Stop the trying. Stop the forcing. Stop thinking so much. Stop worrying. Stop wondering what you should have said. Stop thinking about the life you could have. Stop wondering if you’re good enough, pretty enough, smart enough. 

…..And spring into action, just like the wonderful, fiery, instinctual energy of spring! It knows exactly how and what to do without thinking. We have that in us too. 

Take some initiative. Be in your body. Experience life as it’s happening without trying to understand it. Spend a whole day outside when you “should” be doing something productive. Feel the warm sun on your face. Plant a flower. Go to the park where children are playing. Follow your intuition. Tell someone you love them. Paint, draw, or dance…even if you don’t know how. Feel the earth beneath your bare feet. Be impulsive. Spend a whole day free from worry. Spend an afternoon just observing nature. Eat a scrumptious dessert & enjoy every single second of it. Take a spontaneous trip. Be active and feel how your body moves. Be alive. Be FREE. 

Live. Your. Life. However. You. want. 

Happy living!



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This entry was posted on April 23, 2014 by in Spirituality.
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