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Mapping Out A Minute.

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Photo By Lauren Marek

I say that I know myself, but I often wonder… how true is this really?

Many of us don’t know who we are, what we want to do with our lives, how we really feel. But, maybe we are unaware of answers to these large questions because we don’t know the small things about ourselves. We don’t know how our own minds work, how our bodies or emotions function. We don’t know why certain things always seem to trip us up. We aren’t attentive. We don’t notice how rapidly thoughts and feelings rush through us. So, how can we really know what is going on within us?

Maybe we don’t!

This can sound a little scary and overwhelming, but all it means is that we need to learn ourselves.

Learning small things, like how you feel when a breeze grazes past your arm help you practice self-awareness. If you can be aware in that moment, you can be aware anytime.

Take sixty seconds to get to know this beautiful being: you! Ready?

One minute. GO.

I’m at the park. I feel uncomfortable really examining my thoughts, sensations and emotions like this. I feel vulnerable, naked. To be this close to myself is so awkward, it almost hurts. I feel the warm sun, with the promise slight breeze. I see a pink ball, maybe first I hear it, the plastic pinkness bouncing and thumping up and down like a permanent bubble. I see a girl and her grandmother playing with this ball. The little girl reaches her arms out and smiles. I instantly smile too, without even thinking about it. Her grandmother bounces the ball, and is smiling just like the little girl is—and just like I am now. I look at the tree above them. I see and feel how green it is. I think about whether my observations will be any good for this article. I try to force myself to make it more interesting so you all will think I’m more interesting. My eyes are drawn back to the pink ball, still bouncing, being passed back and forth between this small child and this older woman. I wonder how this old woman can seem to have the innocence of a child while she is playing. I notice how she moves with such careless abandon. I appreciate it, as well as feel envious, as I’ve been tense all day. I wonder if my sixty seconds is up.

One minute.


Look at this:

This flurry of activity, emotion, and thought occurs in just one minute. No need to judge or criticize. Just look. Look at what you’ve observed and put it in your data banks. Maybe these seemingly inconsequential things can teach us more than we know. Knowing ourselves doesn’t just happen, we have to explore, be curious and make an effort.

Will you try it? (Remember, you can do this anytime, anywhere.)

It’s your minute.


2 comments on “Mapping Out A Minute.

  1. Mind Body Soul Stylist
    July 13, 2014

    What a great synopsis of the mind at work! And so true about what we need to do — explore, be curious and make an effort. I find it helps me if I can stay kind to myself along the way.

    • sarahtheaquarian
      July 13, 2014

      I really appreciate that! Yes, for me, the staying kind part is definitely difficult at times.

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