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10 Signs You Might Actually Be an Adult.


Personally, I’ll never truly be a completely mature adult-person. I’m too scattered, unstable, and stubborn. But, nonetheless, there comes a pinnacle moment (or moments) where you realize that you might actually be a somewhat of a grown up.


Yep, you’re organized and kind of a well-put together individual.

You might feel both excited as well as a bit sad to have lost some of your youth.

Here are my top 10 moments. Maybe you can relate:

10. The idea of spending a day antiquing and browsing through Martha Stewart Living sounds both ideal and exciting.

9. You remember to pay your bills before they’re due. In fact, you even pay them (gasp!) early without anyone reminding you.

8. Even when you try to sleep in till noon, you find that you CAN’T! You seem to have a new internal alarm that prevents sleeping in too late…it’s almost like you want to wake up and be productive.

7. Your home is not a vile mess AND you dust (!) and run a vacuum through it on a semi-regular basis.

6. You make lists and you actually remember to bring them with you to the grocery store.

5. Two words: Dinner party. They sound idyllic and amazing to you.

4. You’re no longer scared to call the Cable Company, Bank, or Electricity Provider and are able to ask mature, concise questions. Maybe they even call you ma’am or sir (what!?) and you feel kinda okay with that.

3. You bother to eat well. You actually like the taste of kale and trying out a new healthy recipe is sometimes the highlight of your entire week.

2. You catch yourself using phrases like “nowadays” and “ughhhh, kids today have no damn respect.”

And drumroll…….the number one reason you’re actually an adult:

1. You realize that doing things and seeing people are highly overrated and would take a night in with a home-cooked meal and glass of wine, over, well, just about anything.




Photo: taken by Author.


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