I Opened My Heart, it's All Over This Page.

Falling Head Over Heels for Fall.


Fall trickles in.
Day by day, Summer slowly makes her farewell speech.
I am not sad for this parting.
Still, I hold my hand high and wave an awkward goodbye.
I’m not as sad as she wants me to be.
I turn briskly around, running towards Fall,
holding his hand and blushing at every possible chance.
The light changes, the light in me changes.
I need this change.
More than anything, I need this change.
I’m ready to begin again.
I’m ready to be ignited again.
I need the crisp breeze to blow away Summer’s musty mildew.
I felt so stagnant, my insides sticking together in the muggy heat.
Now, space rushes into me.
Fire rushes into me.

And, I can breathe again.

I can breathe fire again.

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