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What Does it Mean to Be Truly Alive?


Being truly alive is not some extravagant, boom-boom-boom fireworks display.

It’s subtle, but takes a shit-ton of courage.

Becoming awake. Aware. Conscious. Present.

Being brave enough to find the hidden treasures in small, seemingly insignificant moments.

Being truly alive?

It’s the tiny pause between breaths, where the inhale becomes the exhale.

It’s catching yourself smiling, fully experiencing the bursting, pulsating joy in your great big grin.

It’s feeling completely content to drink in the nectar of your life, sitting in quiet acceptance of all that is.

Being truly alive?

There is not even much to say because all that exists is happening in your direct experience of the moment, and saying anything would put up an unnecessary barrier.

A rare quietude penetrates your being.

You breathe it in.

Clean air fills your lungs, your bloodstream, your soul.

Music plays gently in the background.

And it’s not that you hear it, it’s that you are the music.

You become it.

No separation.

You dive into the infiniteness of the universe, eyes closed, lips curled slightly upward.

You feel alive.

You swear you can hear the universe’s heartbeat and for a split second you are sharing that heartbeat.

It’s so beautiful you could weep.

But, weeping would break the connection, so you sit curiously reveling in the exquisiteness of the moment, goose bumps covering your skin because you don’t quite know how to handle this type of euphoric one-ness.

You relax into the present with such grace.

It’s so smooth. No tugging. No pulling.

You’re here. In this moment.

And, that’s all you need to know for right now.

That is what it means to be truly alive.

Photo: Flickr

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