I Opened My Heart, it's All Over This Page.

These words are my medicine.


As each letter lands on the page

I lovingly brew

my most sacred of healing potions.

My tongue is dry and desperate

for each little drop.

As I drink my daily dose

it travels deep, deep, deep

and then deeper.

Reaching down into the darkest parts

pulling up the pain through my throat.

Yard after yard after yard surfaces.

Like white alchemical fabric

the darkness is transformed

by the time it reaches my mouth.

Shadows leap like eager spirits

off the tip of my tongue

dancing their way onto the page.

So happy to be there.


As that page fills, I empty.


With each stroke of my beloved keyboard

my soul’s burden gets light, light

and then lighter.

Magic alchemical word medicine

reaching into my organs

easing up the constant pressing

on my tired, forever-grieving lungs.

I breathe.

I sigh.

I grunt.

I sob.

I heal.

Fuck, do I heal.

These words are my medicine.



Photo: Flickr

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