I Opened My Heart, it's All Over This Page.

Because Life’s Not About Being Comfortable.


As I listen to Lana Del Rey,

The lights in the Laundromat hum along.


They quiver

Dancing foolishly

Flickering unsteadily

Buzzing like strange bumble bees

To the sultry beats in my headphones.


Flashing with bad intentions

They surreptitiously sting me.

I throb immediately

From the florescent venom.


I bite back tears.


Fuck, do I long for the outdoors.

For open spaces and fresh air.


But, between the howling wind

And icy air

The cold is so fierce

That it forces me indoors.


Like a sad, trapped kitten

I frown slightly and realize

I’m stuck inside.




Here I sit in slight discomfort

So I can be warm.


Isn’t that often how life goes?


We trade one discomfort for another.

And another

And another.


Our question is often:

How can I be more comfortable?


What if our question was:

How can I sit with my discomfort?


No, not to torture ourselves.

Just to closely observe how we are

In different conditions.


Could our days be more than just days?

Could they be experiments?


Because we’ve got beakers bubbling,

Bunsen burners lit.

Our lab notebooks are blank

Ready to take notes

On the grandest of all experiments:

Our lives.


Curiosity is key.


If we can have the mind of a mad scientist

And the heart of a child

We can uncover more pieces of ourselves

And find more



Because often enough, we don’t look.

Not really.

So, let’s look.


Let’s slip into our discomfort,

Like putting on a scratchy old bathrobe,

Where does it rub?

Where does it hurt?



That’s the place to look.



Photo by kT LindSAy on Flickr

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