I Opened My Heart, it's All Over This Page.

Walking Away From a Caged Life.


Walking away is powerful.

But, wait—

It’s heartless, they say.
It’s escapist, they say.
It’s cowardice, they say.

Is that the truth?

Or is it just what
They say to keep us?

It’s just what they say to keep us.

But mostly—
It’s what we say to keep ourselves.

To keep ourselves
Powerless and repressed.
Forever struggling.

To keep ourselves
Blind and disconnected
Forever stumbling.

But deep, deep, then deeper down
We know
We’re f*cking powerful
We know
We don’t belong to anyone.

And deep, deep, then deeper down
We know this, too:

Walking away
Can free us
From chains
We’ve gotten used to.
From shackles
We don’t even know exist.
From a cage
We stopped being able to see.

For f*ck’s sake—
Why waste our lives in captivity
When we are meant to fly free?

Walking away is powerful.

Because we only fly as far as we
Let our wings span.

How do we spread our fabulous wings and take flight?

We pack our suitcases full of courage
And sprint out into the black velvet of night.

We stamp our passports with “I don’t give a f*ck’s”
And parade out into the world.

We tap into the alchemy of tears, transforming
Each salty crystalline drop into fierce, feathery wings.

But, in the end
It’s all up to us—

The cage is open
We’ve got the key
Our wings are ready…

What will we do?




Photo: Hartwig HKD at Flickr

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