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Celebrating Ourselves, One Fistful of Glitter at a Time.


The time for shame, doubt, and self-hatred

Is over.

Completely f*cking over.


The time to celebrate ourselves is now, now, now,

Grab your party hat, get a fistful of glitter and go, go, go!

There’s no turning back.


Because there’s no way around it

We are perfectly imperfect

Simply complicated

Divinely delicious.


There is so much to celebrate—


We are fluffy daydreams

Sultry passionfruit flames

And fireworks of anger.


We are wispy and vulnerable

Crying turquoise tears

With anxious hummingbird hearts.


We are fierce as falcons,

Gentle as gossamer fairy wings

Intense as the stormy ocean.


We are perfectly imperfect, there is so much to celebrate—


Supposed weaknesses and so-called flaws welcome,

Each part of us is magnificent, dropping precious pearls of wisdom.

Each deserves to be wined and dined.

Each deserves our unquestionable love.


We are perfectly imperfect, there is so much to celebrate—


Let’s throw our hands in the air, embracing the entire universe in our grasp

Feeing the passionate pulse of love deep within our wild hearts.


Let’s grin unapologetically, beaming wide as sunbeams

Laughing joyously ’til tears pour relentlessly.


Let’s throw huge fistfuls of gleaming glitter into the wind,

Declaring our fierce beauty, one sweet sparkle at a time.




Let’s crack open that cheap champagne, cheering at the perky bubbles,

Celebrating ourselves unabashedly.



The world waits for no one, it’s time

To scream at the top of lungs

To fiercely celebrate




We are.





Photo: MISCHELLE on Flickr

2 comments on “Celebrating Ourselves, One Fistful of Glitter at a Time.

  1. Jen
    January 10, 2015

    Oh, I love this. Beautifully written.

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