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True love is a delicious dance.


True love is a delicious dance.

When I’m wide awake as an owl, and you’re sleeping like a sweet kitten.

When I’m buried in my work and you’re begging to play.

When I’m bubbly like champagne and you’re brooding like Edgar Allen Poe.

When you’re a social butterfly and I’m traversing through thick trails of words.

When I’m quiet, and you’re loud.

When I breathe in, and you breathe out.


I go here

And you go way over there

I don’t get worried.

Because this is part of love, too.

Being alone together, in two different worlds.

Being separate individuals, yet unquestionably intertwined.

Being solo adventurers, yet always coming home to one another.

Because true love is nothing but a dance.

The grandest tango of all,

The wisest waltz in the world.

You step forward, and I step back.


I step forward, and you step back.

To move together, we have to step in opposite directions.

Because true love is sturdy enough to bend.

To twist.

To twirl.

To fan out and spin into the universe.

Darling, how would you dip me if we could not bend?

Because without movement, love becomes





If we hold too tightly, love wilts and suffocates within seconds.

If we don’t hold tightly enough, it ceases to exist.

True love is a delicious dance between the two.




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